How will you know that the system is working?

The amount of time required before you experience the effects of the system varies depending on the amount of water used.
Generally, signs of aggressive de-scaling are seen within one to two weeks. Note: The system may initially seem to be less than fully effective at times. This is due to the removal of the existing scale, which is brought back into solution briefly creating the effect of increased water hardness. Once the pre-existing scale has been removed from the pipes, the full effectiveness of the system will be experienced.

What does the System do that a water softener does not?

1. It removes scale build up in hot water heaters, saving energy costs.
2. Saves money by not requiring the purchase or use of salt.
3. Provides salt-free water, a concern for many health-conscious people.
4. Provides environmentally clean water while eliminating the discharge of salt-laden water into the water table as a result of the periodic regeneration cycle of conventional water softeners.

What pipe material is suitable?

The unit can be fitted on copper, plastic, galvanized steel or lead pipes

What is the direction and position of TWS pipe assembly is needed for installation?

To install the unit direction itself mentioned on the assembly and for position you can install it horizontal, vertical or diagonal way it has no problem.

Where the unit should be installed?

The ideal place is on the main inlet so that all the water that enters the house is treated. And for farmers, it should at outlet from where we can take out water from well water pump and boring pump.

Does it affect the drinking water?

Water remains chemically unchanged, retaining the beneficial minerals and tastes the same .Even one more benefit is that we can get pure form of minerals from the water.

Are these units producing a strong magnetic field?

No. The Electromagnetic field strength is extremely low its not harmful to anybody.

Where does the scale that is removed go?

The scale does not stick to pipe and appliances. First it break in to very small size crystals are microscopic in size. And its chemical structure is changed. It all goes down the drain. This will not block up your drain as the.

Can I install the unit?

Yes it easy to install but consult plumbing man and also electrician so that it will not create any problem in future.

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