Benefits of Tathastu Water Softener

Electrinic Water Softner
  • Make water biologically active .
  • Prevents carbonate scaling
  • Over time existing scaling is dissolved.
  • Eco-friendly hard water treatment, no chemicals & no salts.
  • Reducing growth of bacteria and algae
  • Self purification of water system
  • Reduces iron staining problems.
  • Reduces blue water syndrome problems.
  • Increasing dissolved Oxygen in water.
  • Controlling PH level.
  • the deposition of salt and in all cases brings it back to solution.
Electrinic Water Softner
Indirect Benefits BUT Very Important :-
  • Doubling the capacity and energy of treatment plants.
  • Save operating costs.
  • Reduces down time.
  • Save maintenance costs.
  • Extent life of capital equipments benefit of water softener
  • Save Electricity , Save Money.
  • Improves health & safety issues by reducing chemical usage.
Electrinic Water Softner
Advantages over Conventional Water Softeners
  • Progressively de-scales Cooling-towers, Boilers, Heat exchangers, Compressors, Valves, Elements, Pipes and Pumps.
  • Eliminates the need of Hydro-chloric acid or phosphoric acid for de-scaling benefit of water softener
  • No water wastages
  • NO chemical use.
  • Electrinic Water Softner
  • Reduces maintenance, manpower, down-time and energy cost.
  • Kills algae, fungi, and other micro-organisms.
  • No maintenance. Just installed and forget.
  • No direct contact with the water flowing inside the pipeline.