Commercial Applications

In Indian Commercial industry pay huge amount on hard water scale processing. The hard problem is very serious in some application like Ice factory, bakery, Printing Machinery, car washing, hotels, swimming pool, Spa and Boiler Systems etc.

As everyone knows, water hardness is due to various dissolved salts, mainly carbonates and sulphates such as those of calcium and magnesium, which when heated produces an insoluble precipitate of scale-forming crystals. Crystals grow by bonding to each other and to water contact surfaces to form scale.

In this application , hard water contributes to scaling in boilers, cooling towers, coils, sprinklers, heat exchangers, washing machines and other equipments. In these areas, water hardness must be constantly monitored to avoid breakdowns. Hardness is controlled by addition of chemicals and zeolite resins.

Most companies just build the extra maintenance required to clean the scale off into their schedules and deal with the added expense of the shortened life span of the equipment.

But smart maintenance personnel know there must be a better way - and there is! Tathastu Water softener is best solution....
  • Reduces water heating costs & improve energy management.
  • It protects capital equipment from scaling.
  • It Increases efficiency of equipment.
  • Provide a quick Return On Investment.
  • Reduces the Maintenance cycles.
  • Eliminate the risk of damage to equipment from chemical and mechanical cleaning methods.
Coffee & Cappuccino Machines
Industrial Water Softner

Coffee makers and cappuccino machines in hard water conditions often require daily wire brushing in order to keep them clean. In addition the boiler will accumulate thick, hard deposits, which require the unit to be deli med on a regular basis. The life span of these expensive units is often short due to calcium fouling. The maintenance requirements of these units are greatly alleviated after the initial de-scale process is complete. The accumulation in boilers if any, is reduced to a small amount of white powder that is easily removed with a paper towel. Daily wire brushing is no longer required. The greatest portion of any soft calcium is simply flushed through the system. During the de-scaling period, pay attention to any pre-filters on the water supply to the machine. As the plumbing system is de-scaled, these filters may require replacement more frequently. As many of these filters have an automatic by-pass, check the filter for this condition to insure a quality product during Industrial Water Softnerthe de-scale process.

Cooler / Chillers / Condensers

Lime scale deposition in heat exchanger tubes and surface of the tube reduce efficiency by almost 7-8 %. As efficiency decreases energy wastage increases.

Pool Water, Swimming Pool & Spa
Industrial Water Softner

For Swimming pool & spa separate unit is required because there is continuous water re-circulation . Once the water in the pool or spa has been completely treated, the benefits will take place without intervention. Calcium deposits will be converted to microscopic particles, and the water will become silky-smooth. Very large pools may require multiple units for adequate effect. The effects will be noticed as calcium rings around the pool dissolve and become much easier to clean. Be sure to check bacteria levels after the pool has been completely treated through re-circulation of treated water. The system will increase the effectiveness of the chlorine in killing bacteria and reduction of chlorine levels will often be possible.

Industrial Water Softner

Clothes washed in hard water often look dingy and feel harsh and scratchy. The hardness minerals combine with some soils to form insoluble salts, making them difficult to remove. Soil on clothes can introduce even more hardness minerals into the wash water. Tathastu water softener control Scale deposit in steam ironing machines, washing machines. The effectiveness of both detergents and fabric softeners is increase. Fabric look brighter and last longer, make your client feel more pampered.

  • Scum lines will be easier to clean.
  • Back washing will be reduced, saving you water (and money).
  • Your pump and associated equipment will be protected, extending their life and saving you money.
  • Pool water will be cleaner and more sparkling.
  • Swimmers will experience less RED EYE.
  • Reduce chemical usage, saving you money.
  • Tathastu WS is maintenance FREE, has no moving parts and does not use chemicals!
  • No chemical, No Salt, No Maintenance.
  • No wastewater produced,
  • No polluting chemicals to drain, No drain line to install.
  • No alteration in piping system.
  • Reduces existing scales build up
  • It consumes very little power to operate.
Tathastu Water Softener Commercial Model Tathastu Water Softener
  • Air conditioners
  • Boilers
  • Bores (wells, ground water
  • Car washers
  • Cooling towers
  • Caravan parks
  • Centre pivots
  • Farms
  • Filtration systems
  • Hot water systems
  • Hot water ring mains
  • Hospitals
  • Ice machines
  • Irrigation systems
  • Mining industry
  • Ornamental lakes
  • Poultry farms
  • Piggeries
  • Swimming pools (Domestic and Commercial)
  • Steam generators
  • Town/Municipality/City water systems
  • Waste water treatment plants