Agriculture Water Conditioner / Softener

Tathastu water conditioner is an iso 9001:2015 certified company at Nashik (Maharashtra, India) consistently serving into agriculture field since 15 years with a well setup Research and Development Department and achieved a brand name in manufacturing and supplying of quality innovative products like magnetic water conditioner, electromagnetic water conditioner, agriculture water softener, turbulence vertex water conditioner, electrostatic ESS sprayer, tractor mounted ESS, dozing system, industrial water softener, residential home water softener, etc.
Because of Companies ethix, we successfully gain the trust of our valuable customers in the market

Benefits of Electromagnetic Water Conditioner / Softener

  • Saves water by 20 to 30%
  • The vegetation period decreases.
  • Crop production & crop quality increases.
  • Improves soil structure. Controlling PH level.
  • Remove and prevent scaling on dripper and sprinkler
  • Reduce tip burning problem in leaves upto 45 to 60%
  • Increase growth rate of all types of crops & plants by 35 to 40%
  • Increase solubility of water for fertilizers, gives 100% benefits of fertilizers,
  • Increase oxygen concentration which increase seed germination
  • Reduces effect of Chlorides & Fluorides, increases roots efficiency
  • Water is absorbed into the ground more easily because of low viscosity.
  • Fertilizer and Pesticides are mix very well and it gives better result.
  • It clean the root hair and root cap area in the soil.
  • Pure form of minerals will be kept in water which help the crops.
  • Water absorption becomes more easy for roots and they become healthier.
  • Basic nutrients are made available to root zone, it enhances plant growth.
  • Reduces effect of Chlorides & Fluorides, increases roots efficiency
  • Cleans root hair and root cap area to increase water absorption by roots
  • Pipe, Drip irrigation and sprinkler nozzles will be protected from scaling.
  • After a month - the number of blocked drippers was declining and The usual
  • procedure of cleaning drippers and flushing the lines is not required
Agricultute Water Conditioner

Hard water problems

Due to large amount of minerals present in water, it becomes hard water. When it comes in water pipe line, drip irrigation line and sprinkler nozzle, due to scale deposition it gets choked over a period of time and there is no uniform water supply to all crops. Also high TDS hard water burns tips of leaves (leave burning), reduces growth of the plant, affects crops yield as compared to normal water farming and also damages the soil structure.

Tathastu Water Softener Image
Hard Water Problems
Hard Water Problems
Hard Water Problems
Hard Water Problems
Hard Water Problems
Hard Water Problems
Hard Water Problems

Now don't worry!!!

Tathastu Water softener is the solution for all this.
Just install and forget all hard water problems…

Solutions for hard water problems

All over the world there are many options to solve the hard water problems. Some water softeners uses chemicals, some uses filters to solve the hard water problems but they all have limitations like high cost, heavy maintenance, wastewater, etc.
Apart from these water softeners there are physical water softeners and conditioners in the market.
Tathastu water conditioner is an Innovative solution for all hard water problems. It is an eco friendly water conditioner with no maintenance, no chemical, and no salt. It is also known as electronic water softener or electric water softener (E water softener).

How Tathastu Water Softener works?

It works on resonating electromagnetic principal. It is actually a "Resonating force Converter", which breaks hard water elements into neutralized nano-particles that passes through your irrigation system. Tathastu Water Softener helps to neutralized or convert it into pure form of the minerals that control hard water elements to deposit on roots of crops, soil and your irrigation line.
It is the electronic device produces a series of controlled and complex modulated high resonating frequency. It induces an electromagnetic field around the pipe where the wire coil is wound. When water comes under the influence of such field the hard water elements are forced to precipitate. It alters the hard water elements in a suspended polarized form. It changes the property of the hardness of the water. It decomposes the molecules into a new form. It increases the solubility of water. The conditioned water absorb existing hard elements, which present on the surface of the soil. This way it helps to break down existing scale and improve soil profile.

Application areas of water softener

Irrigation in agriculture farming

  • Reduce tip burning problem in leaves upto 45 to 60%
  • Remove and prevent scaling on dripper and sprinkler
  • Make soft soil and improves soil structure and PH
  • Increase solubility of water for fertilizers, gives 100% benefits of fertilizers,
  • Increase oxygen concentration which increase seed germination
  • Increase growth rate of all types of crops & plants by 35 to 40%
  • Reduces effect of Chlorides & Fluorides, increases roots efficiency
  • Reduces bacteria in water, reduces disease in roots
  • Cleans root hair and root cap area to increase water absorption by roots
  • The vegetation period decreases
  • Saves water by 20 to 30%

For Poultry water feeders and drinkers

  • It cleans the Nipple drinker sprinkler and spray by removing scaling on it
  • It do not allow to deposit the scale by cleaning the drinking cone and cooling panel.
  • It increases the effectiveness of medicines given through water which nourishes chicken birds better.
  • It increases the life of instruments related to water (water heater, boiler and cooling pad) in poultry.
  • Pure form of calcium in water helps to increase the weight of chicken birds.
  • Increases the thickness of chicken egg cover and help to reduce the loss.
  • Avoids bad effects of chlorine in water on chicken birds.
  • You can easily recover the cost of machine through increased production.
  • Reduces the infection and diseases through water.
  • Chicken Birds will get benefits by improvements in water test.

For Hydroponic Water Dripper System

  • To change mineral crystals into mineral particles of 4 microns or less.
  • To flush out root capillaries and xylem tissue.
  • Make calcium into a form easily taken up by the plants.
  • To improve transpiration throughout the plant.
  • Significantly reduces the incidence of tipburn (both internal and external).
  • Reduces the incidence of premature bolting.
  • Enhances the colour component of red lettuce varieties.
  • Enhances nutrient uptake.
  • Significantly reduces bitter taste component.
  • Increased fresh weight.
  • Prolonged shelf life.
  • Removal of algae from root systems and growing channels.
  • The ability to produce commercial crops from bore water supplies previously considered to be unsuitable for hydroponic production

Fish farming water treatment

  • Effectively reduce harmful substances in the water
  • Control and stabilize water condition
  • Establish good water quality environment.
  • Encourage growth of beneficial bacteria.
  • Stabilise water conditions.

For Plant Nursery watering

  • Reduce tip burning problem in leaves upto 45 to 60%
  • Remove and prevent scaling on dripper and sprinkler
  • Make soft soil and improves soil structure and PH
  • Increase solubility of water for fertilizers, gives 100% benefits of fertilizers,
  • Increase oxygen concentration which increase seed germination
  • Increase growth rate of all types of plants by 35 to 40%
  • Reduces effect of Chlorides & Fluorides, increases roots efficiency
  • Reduces bacteria in water, reduces disease in roots
  • Cleans root hair and root cap area to increase water absoption by roots
  • Saves water by 20 to 30%

For Garden Irrigation

  • Saves water by 20 to 30%
  • Increase growth rate of all types of plants
  • Reduces bacteria in water
  • Increase oxygen concentration

For Dairy Farming & Animal Drinking

  • Improves the taste of water especially if hydrogen sulfide or chlorine is in the water delivery system.
  • Improves minerals contain of water and benefits to animals health
  • Saves equipment replacement and repair cost and improve profit-loss performance to entire operation.
  • Reduce overall dairy maintenance


Dr. G. Kumaran - Tamilnadu

"I was a scientist from Tamil Nadu University. I have studied a lot on Electromagnetic water softener and then decided to install one in my farm. Then i found Tathastu's agriculture water softener on internet and ordered it for my farm. From the first day of installation i started recording the changes on different types of crop and plant. After 2 to 2.5 months I found the noticeable changes on every crop and plant. After 2.5 months I have taken biomass of Jwari and the Biomass result is 60% increased after treated water. Also I have taken water test of after treated water It clearly shows that the water testing values improved after treatment through water softener."

Some of my observations I am sharing with you.

Pearl Millet (Bajri)
The root growth of Pearl Millet poured with Magnetized water is more than one poured with Bore Water
The growth of Right Javara pot irrigated by Treated magnetized water is more as compared to Left irrigated by Bore

benefits of water softner

benefits of water softner

benefits of water softner

The growth of Right Cotton poured with magnetized water is more than Left one poured with Bore Water
The growth of right Tomato irrigated with Magnetized water is more than left one irrigated with Bore water.
Rose Plants
Right plant irrigated by treated water, leaves are dark green with flower than Left one irrigated by bore water

benefits of water softner

benefits of water softner

benefits of water softner

Ashwin Kumar Reddy - Andhra Pradesh

"I am a farmer in Andhra Pradesh. I am doing farming in an area where there is very hard bore water available. Because of this hard water I was facing problems like white scaling on soil, leaf burning and blockages of irrigation system. Once I was searching on Internet and I came to know about Tathastu's Electromagnetic water softener. I call to the given number and they gave me detail information and then I decided to install it in my farm. After installation within 2 months I saw that the scaling on soil is reduced and my crop leaves become green. And now I am taking 60% more production from my farm just because of Tathastu's water softener. Thank you Tathastu for helping me to get more production...."

Purshotam Patel - Gujrat Ugadi

I am a farmer cum businessman and having farm in gujrat ugadi. From Internet I got information about Tathastu's agriculture water softener and I decided to install this in my field. My area gujrat ugadi have very salty water and that's why i was not able to use bore water in my farm. But when i installed Tathastu's water softener now i am able to use this bore salty water directly to my farm and getting upto 65% results.

Pratap Patel - Gujrat Mandvi Kutch

"हम गुजरात के मांडवी कच्छ इलाके में अपनी खेती करता हूँ. हमारे यहाँ बोअर तथा कैनल से पाणी आता है. कैनल का पाणी लिमिटेड होने के कारण मुझे अपने बोअर से पाणी इस्तेमाल करना पड़ता है. जिसकी वजह से मुझे अपनी फसल में पत्ते जलने का प्रमाण बढ़ गया था और जमीन पे सफ़ेद परत भी जमा हो रही थी. जमीन सख्त हो गयी थी. तथास्तु के एग्रीकल्चर वाटर सॉफ्टनर के बारे में मुझे हमारे एक रिश्तेदार से पता चला और उस वाटर सॉफ्टनर के रिजल्ट देखकर मैंने भी तथास्तु के वाटर सॉफ्टनर हमारे खेत में बिठाने का निर्णय लिया. कुछ ही महीने बाद मुझे रिजल्ट दिखने शुरू हो गए. अब फ़सल के पत्ते हरे होने शुरू हो गए है और जमीन का सफ़ेद स्तर भी कम हो गया है."

Ramesh Patel - Gujrat Kutch

"I am a Farmer/engineer when I came to know about this product I bought single device for my agriculture land I belongs to Kutch district Gujrat very hard water here but after using this unique technology I Got unbelievable Results, now I am telling to my Farmer friends to use this Tathastu's agriculture water conditioner. Thanks Tathastu's agriculture water conditioner."

Mr. Anand Managoli - Hubali, Karnataka

"I would like to give you some feedback regarding the effectiveness of the Tathastu's agriculture water conditioner we have installed here at Kadapa Andhra Pradesh. When I discussed with you what the Tathastu's water conditioner could do to improve the soil on our farm field. The farm soil, when unconditioned, clumps together It was presented that the Tathastu's Conditioner was capable of breaking down the clumps and reducing or eliminating compaction of the soil while improving the farm's soil conditions. That summer we purchased and installed a 2-inch Tathastu's on a bore-pipe that we use for irrigation in our farm. Our procedure is to water the farm twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Within a week we noticed that the Tathastu's Water Conditioner started breaking down the clumping soil and eventually eliminated any signs of hard clumping. In addition we were able to reduce the percentage of crop leaf burn." Best Regards,

Annasaheb Irapanna Adahalli - Belgaum, Karnataka

"I am very happy to tell you that the Tathastu's Water Conditioner is the best device I ever used in my farm. We installed a 2.5-inch Tathastu's Water Conditioner in our sugarcane farm. The crops in our farm were showing stress due to hardness of soil and poor water percolation. In the next 4 to 6 weeks, we noticed a vast improvement in the crops and increased percolation of water into the soil. Unlike other water treatment technologies we have tried, the Tathastu's Water Conditioner is less expensive and requires no ongoing costs. We are now able to make greater use of our well water and have eliminated the significant cost associated with the amount of District Water we used. I would highly recommend the Tathastu's Water Conditioner to anyone needing help with an agricultural irrigation application."

benefits of water softner
Shree. Ganesh Gadade - Shrigonda, Maharashtra

"नमस्कार ! मी गणेश गदाडे, श्रीगोंदा, महाराष्ट्र येथे शेतकरी आहे. माझ्या शेतात मी कांद्याचे पिक घेतो. मागील बरेच वर्षापासून मी शेतात विहिरीचे पाणी देत होतो. पाणी जड आणि क्षारयुक्त असल्याने शेतातील जमीन पांढरी पडत चालली होती आणि पिकांची पाने पण करपायची. एक दिवस तथास्तु वाटर सॉफ्टनर बद्दल ऐकले आणि त्यांना फोन केला. सर्व माहिती विचारून मी तथास्तु वाटर सॉफ्टनर शेतात बसवायचा निर्णय घेतला. काही महिन्यातच मला पिकावर फरक जाणवू लागला. पाने हिरवी होऊ लागली आणि जमिनीवरील पांढरेपणा कमी झाला. जेव्हा पिक काढणीची वेळ आली तेव्हा माझे उत्पादन आधीपेक्षा जास्त निघाले आणि मला त्याचा फायदा झाला."

benefits of water softner
Santaji Bendre - Solapur, Maharashtra

"Using Tathastu's Water Conditioner helped with my hard water problem, increased my cotton crop yield and improved plant quality."

benefits of water softner
Vasant Mali - Sangli, Maharashtra

"Tathastu's Water Conditioner causes better water penetration for my vegetable crops and I use less water."

Sandeep Sidhu - Hariyana

"I started using Tathastu's Water Conditioner from last 3 to 4 months. My workers observed noticeable results in the farm. Also they observed that previously in hard water some crops were not able to grow but now after using Tathastu's treated Water it become started growing. I am very happy by using this and advising my other friends to install it in the farm."

Rahul Kapase - Niphad

"Tathastu's Water Conditioner vishai amchya kakani amhala sangitle. Amcha drakshancha bag niphad yethe ahe. Amchya malyat Tathastu's Water Conditioner basvlyanantar jamin bhusbhushit zali, kadimadhe changlya ghadacha vikas zala, paane karpnyache praman kami zale, panacha hirvepana vadhla, kami panyat changli faldharna zali, panyat 30% paryant bachat zali."

Frequently Asked Question

What is hard water?

Hard water is water that has a high mineral content. This content usually consists of high levels of metal ions, mainly calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) in the form of carbonates, but may include several other metals as well as bicarbonates and sulphates.

What is a water softener?

A water softener is a unit that is used to soften water, which is actually a Resonating Force Convertor, which converts hard water elements (chlorides) in the form of calcium, magnesium, sodium, and boron into neutralised nano particles. It helps to converts it into pure form of minerals, which controls hard water elements from sticking on the soil.

What does tathastus water softener does?
  1. It reduces scale build up on soil.
  2. Saves money by avoiding maintenance.
  3. Provides salt-free water.
  4. Provides environmentally clean water.
My water is very salty. Will my plants grow better?

We say the water is salty because it is high in salinity, and this means it contains excessively high concentrations of sodium (Na) and chloride (Cl). This causes cash crops to whither and underperform, and soil to become saline. Tathastu helps the user to optimise his/her water fully and give cash crops the best possible chance to thrive under challenging conditions.

Can anyone install the TWS?

Yes. Any local plumber or person with plumbing knowledge can install tathastu’s water softener.

Does it require any maintenance?

Tathastu's water softener is a maintenance free device.

Does it affect the flow rate?

Tathastu water softener does not reduce the flow rate.

Where it can be installed?

It should be install at outlet of water pump.

Will the water become soft?

It makes the water physically soft and not chemically.

Where the calcium and magnesium go?

It is a physical water processing unit. It does not alter the percentage of calcium and magnesium directly. However the calcium and magnesium are still present in the water but in different form.

Does TDS decreases?

This unit being a physical water treatment device does not alter the dissolved solid in the water. Hence TDS value of the water remains unchanged or sometimes reduces up to 10% is subjective.

Does it have any effect on different test parameters like pH, conductivity, etc?

This unit being a physical water treatment device has very slight effect on the pH and conductivity of the water.

What is the life of the unit?

The unit last long enough without maintenance. TWS is a maintenance free device. The unit is being use for more than 25years. it can be considered a lifetime unit, but still we give a life of 25years.

Is there any water wastage?

This unit does not have water wastage. it is zero drop water wastage. no backwash is required.

Does it improve the taste?

Most of our customers have reported that the water tastes good, feel soft. This is subjective to individuals.

Since how long it is been in use?

This science has been in use since 25 years. We have introduced this in India since 6 years. After successful R&D our units are available for use.

What effect goes it have on the environment?

As this is the natural water without use of chemicals and no chemical properties of water changes, our unit produces water which is compatible with nature. It improves the water utilisation to the best. Ultimately the environment is benefited. Water loss is nil.

What happens to the existing scales on taps, heaters etc?

This unit has unique feature of de-scaling. It slowly reduces the existing scaling on soil.

Does it reduce the bacteria in water?

TWS increases the stable oxygen in water. This reduces the effect of bacteria to a great extent.

Does it change the colour of water?

In few of the places we have noticed colour change. However this was subjective. We don’t have concrete data to comment on colour change.

How much water can be processed through this unit in a given time?

Our unit is dependent on size of pipe. It does not depend on the amount of water flowing. Unlimited water can be processed without any loss of flow rate.

In what duration will we be able to see a noticeable change after installation?

Once the TWS is installed the water is processed immediately. However the soil profile and type of crops are different it may take 45 to 90 days for us to observe the changes, but this is subjective.

Is there a specific way the installation of the unit to be done?

Installation of our unit is very easy. Our units are bidirectional. So you can connect it in any direction also you can fix it in horizontal, vertical or inclined direction.

How will you know that the system is working?

The amount of time required before you experience the effects of the system varies depending on the amount of water used. Generally, signs of aggressive de-scaling are seen within one to two weeks. Note: The system may initially seem to be less than fully effective at times. This is due to the removal of the existing scale, which is brought back into solution briefly creating the effect of increased water hardness. Once the pre-existing scale has been removed from the pipes, the full effectiveness of the system will be experienced.

What does the System do that a water softener does not?

1. It removes scale build up in hot water heaters, saving energy costs. 2. Saves money by not requiring the purchase or use of salt. 3. Provides salt-free water, a concern for many health-conscious people. 4. Provides environmentally clean water while eliminating the discharge of salt-laden water into the water table as a result of the periodic regeneration cycle of conventional water softeners.

What pipe material is suitable?

The unit can be fitted on copper, plastic, galvanized steel or lead pipes

What is the direction and position of TWS pipe assembly is needed for installation?

To install the unit direction itself mentioned on the assembly and for position you can install it horizontal, vertical or diagonal way it has no problem.

Where the unit should be installed?

The ideal place is on the main inlet so that all the water that enters the house is treated. And for farmers, it should at outlet from where we can take out water from well water pump and boring pump.

Does it affect the drinking water?

Water remains chemically unchanged, retaining the beneficial minerals and tastes the same. Even one more benefit is that we can get pure form of minerals from the water.

Are these units producing a strong magnetic field?

No. The Electromagnetic field strength is extremely low its not harmful to anybody.

Where does the scale that is removed go?

The scale does not stick to pipe and appliances. First it break in to very small size crystals are microscopic in size. And its chemical structure is changed. It all goes down the drain. This will not block up your drain as the.

Can I install the unit?

Yes it easy to install but consult plumbing man and also electrician so that it will not create any problem in future.

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