Algae Bluster

Advantages of the Algae Bluster Technology

  • Controls Algae
    Strength, safety and effciency in one product to control algae without chemicals.
  • Controls Bio-Film
    It uses the newest technologies to control bio-film in many applications without using chemicals.
  • Environment Friendly
    It's a method to control algae without using chemicals. Besides that, this technology has a very low power consumption.
  • Friendly for Fish and Water Plants
    Even though this technology is effective on algae, its completely harmless for other living things present in the water. Various universities have researched the effect of this products on fish and water plants, but no negative effect was found.
  • Effective on Large Water Surfaces
    This products can efficiently control algae on large water surface with a power consumption of just 10 Watt. If reservoirs are too large, our biologists can assist you with a detailed plan to install multiple devices for optimal water treatment.
  • Easy to Install and Maintain
    These devices are being placed in the water body itself, emitting sound waves through your water reservoir.

Algae Bluster
advantages of algae bluster advantages of algae bluster

How the Algae Bluster Technology Works?

In the Algae Bluster there are two parts:

1. An Electronic Power Box

An electronic power box generates sound pulses. Because of the technology used in the power box, it is possible to generates several different frequencies simultaneously and send them to transducer.

2. Ultrasonic Transducer

The ultrasonic transducer is placed in the pond or lake in a positioned, just below and horizontal to the surface of water. It emits these different ultrasound frequencies into the water. When these high frequency pulses hits algal cells, the cells begins to oscillate with these frequencies. If the algae, has a gas vacuole, then this vacuole also starts to oscillate with resonating frequencies to such an extent that it continues to increase in size. Then there comes a point when the vacuole becomes unstable and breaks down, making the algae sink to the bottom of the pond. Algal species which don't have gas vacuoles react differently. The vibrations from the ultrasound cause the inner cell wall of the algal cell to become separated from the outer cell wall this means that water, gases and nutrients can neither be absorbed nor expelled and as a result the algae dies. The pictures below demonstrate the effect of ultrasound on the cell structure of Spirogyra as mentioned above. It can clearly see how the plasmalemma becomes separated from the outer cell wall.

Spirogyra Cells
After 7 Days
After 7 Days
After 14 Days
After 14 Days

3 Simple Steps to Control Algae

01Generate Ultrasound

Sound pulses are being generated within the power box. The power box generates several different frequencies simultaneously and sends them to the transducer.

Generate Ultrasound

Transmit Ultrasound

02Transmit Ultrasound

The transducer transmits these sound pulses into the water with a very high sound pressure (dB). The sound waves have different frequencies but all lie in the ultrasound range and are thus inaudible.

03Damage Algae

The high pressure ultrasound emitted by the AlgaeBluster targets many different algae structures. Components of algae cells, within the long range of AlgaeBluster, oscillate on the sound frequencies. This leads to tearing of different cell organelles such as the cell wall or membrane and the gas vesicles of algae. Because of many frequencies are used simultaneously different species of algae can be controlled.

Damage Algae


  • Controls algae in large range
    One device can control algae in large range. Multiple devices can be used for applications more than larger range.
  • Weatherproof control box
    Completely innovated aluminium control box to better protect the electronic circuit from weather inuences. It has better cooling capabilities and is water resistant.
  • Low Power-High Signal Technology
    We feel that the strength of a sound wave is in their shape and transmissions and not in the power we put into them. Due to this technology the devices able to send out a sound signal under optimal conditions. This makes it possible to apply low power to obtain a long range
  • Highly advanced transducer
    The transducer has been specially manufactured for Sound and has a protected formula. The transducers have been designed to gain the highest efciency in transmitting the sound energy into the water.
  • Easy to install
    The devices are very easy to install. After delivery the product can be installed immediately in a water reservoir.
  • Low energy consumption
    Due to the highly advanced technology the devices use a maximum of 13 Watts.
  • Low maintenance
    Devices have very negligible maintenance
  • 3 years guarantee
    The devices have a guarantee of 3 years Smaller models have a 2 years guarantee
  • Multi Frequency technology
    Controlling one type of algae in a water reservoir often means another type will have a better chance to grow. Hence it uses the Technology, which produces multiple frequencies simultaneously, controlling several algal species at the same time.
  • Solar system available
    The devices can operate on 24 or 36V using only 10 Watt and are thus capable to operate on a solar system


  • Pond
  • Lakes
  • Swimming Pool
  • Agriculture
  • Irrigation
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Cooling Towers
  • Aquaculture

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